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This site was created as a place for enthusiasts to buy and sell comics, collectable magazines and books in the United Kingdom.

Whether you want to swap a comic, buy a comic, sell a comic or if you have comic related paraphernalia to trade it is FREE to place an advert now. If you have comics such as Spiderman, X Men, Superman, Batman, The Hulk, Eagle, The Beano, The Dandy, Buster, Vizz, Striker 3D, Star Wars, Fabulous Four, Avengers, The Maxx, Spawn, Captain America, Captain Atom, Daredevil, Punisher, Blade, Ghost Rider, Elektra, Cloak & Dagger, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Wolverine or any other comics from publishers such as Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse or if you have any comic related collectables such as toys, dvds, comic annuals to sell place an advert NOW.

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This site is FREE to advert If you are looking for
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